SfN 2022

Society for Neuroscience conference 2022

We are so excited to be able to meet up with you in-person at this year’s Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, CA. November 12 – 16. 

We will be in booth #1729, so be sure to come over and say hi!


San Diego SfN location 2022

Meet us at SFN 2022

We would love to chat and see what has been going on with your research and your lab. If you want, you can schedule some time with our trainers to quickly get a solution to something that you were working on and can’t quit get it the way you would like it to work. Or if you have questions about setting up a new study, or specific functionality. We are here for you!


Win $500!

Are you presenting your research with Noldus tools at The Society for Neuroscience Annual meeting in San Diego this year? Let us know and you can win $500! Read the conditions and fill out the submission form here.


New in EthoVision XT - Deep Learning

Deep learning is a technology that uses neural networks to allow a computer to ‘learn by experience’. Introduced in EthoVision XT 16 and improved with more options in EthoVision XT 17,  it is the next evolution in behavioral tracking. 

It will  increase the robustness of your data and advance your research. The deep learning-based detection of the nose point and tail base of rats and mice truly takes video tracking to a new level, providing more accurate and stable body points detection.

Curious? We demo it in our booth! 

deep learning versus contour video

DanioVision unit

DanioVision XT

If you are (planning on) working with zebrafish larvae, consider taking a look at DanioVision. This is a complete system designed for high-throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae and other small organisms. Powered by EthoVision XT, you are sure of great video tracking and a lot of analysis and visualization options. 

At our booth, we can show you how DanioVision can help you standardize your testing environment and collect your data efficiently.



PhenoTyper is an observation cage, but it is also so much more. With the interchangable walls, you can make sure this is the perfect testing or home cage environament for your rat or mouse. The top unit contains at least LED units and a camera, but can also be fitted with all kinds of sensor and stimuli devices. Think of optogentics. Or insert a CognitionWall. The possibilities are almost endless. 

Find out with fits your study, and what we have been working on in our booth at SFN 2022! 

phenotyper optogenetics

CatWalk XT footprints and rat catwalk in the back 

CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT is a complete gait analysis system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and locomotion in rats and mice. It has been validated in research and experimental procedures for several (neurological) disorders and lesions.

CatWalk XT is a free-walking based system, which is very different from treadmill-based systems. We can explain all the advantages to you and show you how you get valid data and a wealth of parameters. 



13th November to 16th November 2022
San Diego, CA, USA